AR Labs

 A free marketing tool for you. 

I develop a new Augmented Reality experience each month. You are free to use it as you will. Put your logo in it, show it to your team, your clients or your boss.


Step into the market of AR at zero cost.


Free Subscription
for Clients

My clients can suggest ideas and receive the demos in their inbox.

Subscriptions are open from time to time. Check my LinkedIn or Twitter.


Free Demos
for Non-Clients

If not my client, you can still get the demos when they are published here.

Your demo
Your brand

You can customize the
software with your own logo.

Marketing Tool

Awe your clients with an Augmented Experience
 and close more sales.



Demo 0 - "Augmented DNA"

Demo 1 - In development...


AR Labs comes with a dedicated application for displaying the demos to your customers or team.

No need to install every new Demo. I will send you a
unique code to your email so you can download the content directly on your phone.

This app is only for Android right now, but every Demo is intended  to showcase a cross-platform experience.

Want to see actual AR projects?

Take a look at my Immersive Design Portfolio: